Pinestraw Bales


(does not include installation)

Each bale covers up to 60-70 Sq. Ft. (3-4 inch depth) 9-13 lbs each.


About this item

GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY – Our premium bales of Longleaf pine needles contain much less debris than other competitors. Each bale is hand baled.

LONGER LASTING – Our pinestraw is harvested fresh and does not sit on trailers for extended periods of time. It looks great for 6-8 months, and if you install twice annually then your yard will look fantastic all year!

QUICKER AND EASIER TO INSTALL – Our Longleaf pine straw bale requires much less work to install, no need to haul heavy mulch bags or heavier rolls. Save your back and save time by using our premium bales.

ECO-FRIENDLY, NO TREES WERE HARMED – Longleaf pine needles are a great environmentally friendly alternative to wood mulches, as no trees are harmed or cut down. Our pine needles are harvested after the needles fall to the ground.

DELIVERED TO YOUR FRONT DOOR – Avoid the mess and hassle of driving to the store and putting a dirty, dusty straw in your vehicle. Let us bring it to you!

Delivery Charges

Choose an option, Same day ( $7.99 + $5 Delivery ), Next Day ( $7.99 + $2 Delivery )

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